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Progressive podcast Citizen Radio gets a note from a some how anti-choice listener, names him Billy and proceeds to break down all of his anti-choice rhetoric while hitting on rape culture, poverty, the prison system, and making cum jokes. 

On Wednesday 10th July, our political representatives will convene to vote on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill.

This bill is NOT fit for purpose.

We invite you to support our call for amendments by camping outside the Dáil on Tuesday 9th with us and meeting politicians as they arrive in the morning of July 10th. If you can’t physically be there, there will an online vigil supported by @freesafelegal where you can protest in solidarity with us.

After the vote, the legislation then gets sent to the Seanad where senators get their chance to speak through their own Committee and Report stages.

For 21 years, the Irish government has failed to legislate on the X Case. Now that they have the power to make abortion accessible to those who need it, they place unfair impediments in the way of those in crisis.

A group of us camped out last November in the very bitter cold and we welcome you join us again. Please bring tents and sleeping bags. Check the checklist below for other things you might want to bring.

Warm sleeping bag
Warm coat
Extra pair of socks

Hey if you could please spread the word, this is really important!!

A new “undercover” video of an abortion clinic in Phoenix has just gone viral and is currently receiving massive criticism in the state. It is likely that if we don’t act now there will be a massive legislative backlash against abortion in Arizona. (as if it’s not bad enough already!!)

The groups Live Action and Center for Arizona Policy are planning a rally outside of the clinic tomorrow as noon and if you can meet there to counter-protest and show your support for the continuing access to abortion in Arizona PLEASE do so. This is important.

And if anyone has any information about plans already in the works please share!!!

Here is a link to the article:

And here is a link to my original post so your followers can signal boost!!

I don’t usually do this sort of thing but your blog really inspired me to share.

I’ve been pro-choice all my life. There’s never been any conflict in my mind- a woman’s body is her own, period. I want the same freedom for others as I want for myself. My mom is pro-choice too, so we’re on the same wavelength. Then, right around election time, my pro-life stepdad was talking about babies and God and how abortion is wrong etc. After the fact, my mom and I were discussing what it meant to be pro-choice. She choked up suddenly and told me when she was 19- my age- she had an abortion. I’d heard of the guy before, actually my mom has always talked about him with a certain fondness I guess comes with time. They had sex once and she was pregnant. Her parents were divorced, so it was just her and my grandmother living alone, and they could hardly feed themselves much less a child. She was also about to head off to college, and seeing as I’m going to school right now myself, I can only imagine how difficult it would’ve been trying to raise a child. Her mom was supportive about her decision to get an abortion, but I could tell it kind of hurt her to talk about. It clearly wasn’t an easy decision. Any pro-lifers who act like a pregnant woman wanting to end her pregnancy is a total monster should 1) shut the fuck up and 2) meet my mother, who is the kindest, strongest person I know- the best mom in the world.

I won’t lie. I was shocked when she told me. I don’t know why, but I was. I guess for a little bit I *did* entertain the fact that maybe, in another universe, I had another sibling. But then I looked at my mother- the source of my strength, a pillar of compassion and the embodiment of womanhood- and remembered something she told me once: “You can’t change the past. You can just move forward.” So I held her hand and we sat in the car feeling crappy for a few minutes, but we went on with our day.

That’s what’s being pro-choice is about, in my mind. Choosing to get an abortion isn’t an easy choice to make and I really admire the women who choose to get one- not because they’re “ending another’s life”, but because they’re moving on with their own. They have the freedom to choose. I’m glad my mom chose to have me, and I’m glad I had a remarkable woman raise me to believe in a woman’s right to choose.


Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 1 (by TellTheTruthTV)

My hero. This isn’t a political vid, but I got to throw in my 2 cents. Obama is for post birth saline abortions. It is outlawed for the time being though, thanks to Bush!

Part 2 below!

If it’s “post birth”, that’s not abortion; that’s murder. Abortions only occur before birth.


I need feminism because:

It doesn’t matter what I choose,

I matter’s that I choose.




Your feminist rhetoric can suck my balls.

This is a thing? You’re trying to argue this? For real?

The “pro-life” political movement has attempted pass an alarming number of anti-uterus and anti-people in general legislation:

Here’s another list full of other various “pro-life” initiatives hurting women.

Wow, look at that. Can you just look at that? Those are just some of the attacks the “pro-life” movement has made on people, not just women, people. You also forget OP that 61% of the people who get abortions have babies- one or more[PDF]! You don’t even have to be in favour of abortion to be pro-choice, you just have to recognize it’s not you’re right to say what other people do with their bodies.

I give you the challenge, name one baby that was harmed by abortion. Not a fetus, not an embryo, a baby- which as you obviously don’t know is defined as a human person between the moment of birth to eleven months. We do not call children born fetuses, so stop referring to a gestating fetus as a child.

Hey, can I play?!

How about that baby that was crushed to death during an abortion?!

OH wait no that wasn’t during an abortion!

That was when a woman’s amniotic sack broke early, causing the fetus to no longer have a cushion and be CRUSHED BY THE MOTHER’S UTERUS and she was denied an abortion because pro-life legislation in her state forbid abortions at the week she was in because they thinking that fetus can feel pain at that stage (when science says otherwise!) BECAUSE SLOWLY BEING CRUSHED TO FUCKING DEATH isn’t painful. Right. Clearly, denying the woman an abortion to stop the fetus from suffering a painful death (even though science says the fetus can’t feel pain at this stage) is in the best interest of the fetus.

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i couldn’t figure out how to reblog.


so i screenshot…

Before I even read the amazing commentary, I was like, wait, aborted fetuses stay in the vagina?!