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Pro-“life” activists are like cancer: they’re ubiquitous, often go undetected until their damage is irreversible, and heartbreakingly detrimental to women’s health.

Which is why it’s so mind-blowing that one of the country’s most powerful and well-known cancer charities has teamed up with pro-life activists to deny women lifesaving breast cancer screenings.  

Ugh.  For real, buttholes?  I would be irate if I wasn’t so used to this bullshit.

When news first broke that the Susan G Koman foundation yanked breast cancer screening funding from Planned Parenthood, people were dumbfounded.  Huh/What/Why/How?  What were they thinking?  Why would they do that?  How could anyone have a problem with Planned Parenthood providing breast cancer screenings?  But to understand how something like this could happen, you have to understand the pro-life movement, which is at the heart of the split.

I’ve worked in the reproductive rights field for over ten years and I know more about pro-life activists than they know about themselves.  I have spent hundreds of thousands of hours studying their materials, debating them, dodging their attacks, and, yes, secretly helping them get abortions and birth control behind their community’s back (it happens more than you think).  I know a thing or two about the true motive of the anti-choice movement, and I promise you this:

It has absolutely nothing to do with saving babies or helping women.  Nothing.

The core of the anti-choice movement’s mission is to maintain and increase the negative consequences of sex, mostly for women.  Let me repeat that: they want sex to have as many repercussions as possible.  Their main enemy isn’t abortion, it’s any type of sexuality that doesn’t conform to their impossibly narrow standards of acceptability (within the confines of heterosexual, Christian marriage, and only for the sake of procreation).  It’s the fact that scientific advancements and increasingly progressive social policies have made it more difficult to control women’s sexuality through the fear of STDs, HIV, or unwanted pregnancies.  They view those natural by-products of sex as punishments that sluts deserve for daring to feel entitled to sexual pleasure (like real human beings, with rights and everything!).  They long for the days where the consequences of sex were totally unavoidable and used to oppress and constrain women, confine them to the home, keep them financially and socially dependent on men, enforce chastity and compliance to gender norms, and rob them of their sexuality, and therefore, humanity.  

If pro-life activists really cared about public health and stopping abortion and saving the precious widdle babies, if they were truly pro-life, then they would support policies and scientific advancements that prevent abortion and, you know, actually save lives.  They would promote the use of contraceptives, and fight to make them as cheap and accessible as possible.  They would support evidence-based sex education that includes medically-accurate information on birth control and STD prevention.  They would support the widespread distribution of condoms.  They would support HIV/AIDS research.  They would support the HPV vaccine, which guards against an STD that causes cancer.  They would support financial assistance for women who cannot afford pre and postnatal care.  They would support organizations like Planned Parenthood.  But they don’t.  They virulently oppose all of these things with a vicious, fiery passion because it’s not about the babies and it’s not about health - it’s about the sex and the women who have it.  They hate sex more than they love mankind.  They hate sex more than they care about stopping abortion.  They are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad people with disturbingly uncalibrated moral compasses, and the Komen/Planned Parenthood breakup is just another typical, calculated step in their war on women.  They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. 

So how did it all happen?  Well obviously, for reasons detailed above, anti-choice activists despise Planned Parenthood, because it represents everything they oppose: it’s an organization dedicated to providing low-to-no cost reproductive health care and education which enables typically marginalized people to live sexually free and healthy lives.  Eliminating Planned Parenthood is the main goal of the pro-life movement, and one of their primary tactics is to mercilesslyterrorize any company, person, or organization who supports, helps, works for, or collaborates with Planned Parenthood.  Enter Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Komen has been coordinating with Planned Parenthood to bring breast exams, cancer screening, and education and awareness to low-income women since 2005, and as long as this partnership has existed, anti-choice groups have been bullying Komen to sever it (though Komen enthusiastically defended its work with Planned Parenthood as recently as 2011).  You would hope that even the most pro-life organization would support a Planned Parenthood/Komen partnership that does nothing but expand access to breast cancer screening for the most at-risk women, but that’s simply too logical and too compassionate for those spiteful little shits.

The truth is anti-choice organizations want to prevent Planned Parenthood from providing breast exams because doing so removes a universally defensible and morally unambiguous service from Planned Parenthood’s list of other more controversial offerings, therefore helping to validate the asinine anti-choice lie that Planned Parenthood is all about Teh Abortionz.  As it stands, abortion only accounts for THREE PERCENT of Planned Parenthood’s total services, and many Planned Parenthood medical centers (and some entire affiliates) don’t even offer abortion, but these people have never been big fans of the truth.  Pro-lifers hate Planned Parenthood so much they want it to exclusively provide abortions, because that would make its detractors legitimate baby-saving angels, rather than hysterical shitstorms of crazy, anti-sex, anti-woman, anti-science tamponheads.  Morally proselytizing and being right trumps any concern for public health.

Basically, they hate Planned Parenthood more than they hate cancer.  And they care about being a pain in Planned Parenthood’s ass more than saving people’s lives.

So what we have here is the very expected result of an extended, relentless, calculated attack on Komen and Planned Parenthood’s partnership, not to mention the infiltration of the organization’s upper-management by anti-choice activists and politicians.  The split isn’t new or sudden: this is Komen finally caving to anti-choice bullies, some of whom actually hold influential positions on its senior staff and board.

(I’m also not entirely surprised about Komen’s decision because I’ve never considered them to be a shining example of responsiblephilanthropy to begin with.  Considering that, even after years of frantic donation-seeking and walk-for-the-curing and pink-ribboning everything in sight, cancer rates have risen, only 24% of Komen funds actually go to research, they spend more than a million dollars in donor money each year suing small charities who use the phrase “For the Cure,” and frequentlypartner with companies who don’t exactlyprioritizehealth, one has to wonder if Komen is more committed to their own pocketbooks than they are to actually stomping out breast cancer.  And Komen’s CEO earns a salary that is nearly double that of the average oncologist.  But I digress.)

Komen, of course, is denying what is almost offensively obvious to everyone else, claiming that Planned Parenthood’s funding elimination is merely the result of a recently adapted policy which prohibits administering grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state, or federal authorities.  And because Planned Parenthood is currently the victim of a baseless “Congressional inquiry” by Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), a conservative republican who’s being enthusiastically fellated by powerful anti-choice extremists, it’s now conveniently ineligible for Komen funds under this new protocol.  However, Stearns’ investigation has been widely discredited as a wasteful, retaliatory, politically-motivated witch hunt inspired by yet another failed attempt at defunding Planned Parenthood earlier last year, and is expected to yield no evidence of wrongdoing.  And it’s important to distinguish that this inquiry is not equivalent to a legal or criminal investigation - any Congressperson can up and launch such an investigation, no matter how unfounded their suspicions or dubious their motives may be.

One can hope that once Stearn’s inquiry is dismissed, funds to Planned Parenthood would be restored.  But if Komen maintains this new policy (which seems to exclusively affect Planned Parenthood), I expect they’ll continue to encounter the same roadblock.  As we know all too well, the next political attack on Planned Parenthood is likely around the corner.  Not because Planned Parenthood actually does anything that legitimately warrants these investigations, mind you, but because there is no shortage of politicians eager to waste taxpayer dollars by pandering to anti-choice terrorists and making a big, dick-swinging show out of waging a frivolous, ideological war against an organization that affords poor and underserved communities the same ability to manage the consequences of sex that rich people have always had.

The silver lining in all of this, thin as it may be, is that hopefully people will grow more skeptical of “pinkwashing” and the Breast Cancer Industrial Complex, which folks have historically been frustratingly hesitant to scrutinize.  This whole clusterfuck has also significantly increased awareness of Planned Parenthood’s lesser-known services, and maybe women will be reminded to stay on top of their breast health, whether they go to a Planned Parenthood medical center or not.

Final analysis: everyone involved in the removal of Planned Parenthood’s breast exam funding should be ashamed of yourselves.  Anti-choice activists, we expect this from you.  You have never cared about women’s health.  In fact, you actively campaign against it.  You’re ridiculous, Megratron2000 assholes, we’ve covered that, we know it, shut up and go home.  But for a organization that claims their entire purpose is saving women’s lives to not only side with such decidedly anti-women, anti-life forces, but actually yank critical services from the hands of the most vulnerable women in America is abhorrent.  Susan G. Komen for the Cure Politically Motivated Witholding of Funds for Lifesaving Breast Exams, you thought this was a minor, defensible decision that would fly under the radar without much of a sniffle.  You thought you’d get a nice pat on the back from anti-choice organizations and maybe a few more donations, and nobody else would really care.  But you’re already finding out how devastatingly wrong you were.

Because here’s the bottom line: 

When you fuck with Planned Parenthood, you fuck with a passionate and dedicated and MASSIVE family.  You fuck with the 1 in 4 American women who have depended on Planned Parenthood for medical care in their lifetime.  You fuck with the five million women, men, and teens who receive healthcare and education from 800 Planned Parenthood medical centers every year.  You fuck with the doctors, nurses, clinicians, sex educators, cancer educators, nutrition counselors, midwives, teen advocates, patients, donors, supporters, politicians, activists, clinic escorts, and volunteers who work for, go to, and defend Planned Parenthood, and know exactly how critical and amazing it is.

When you fuck with Planned Parenthood, when you fuck with access to cancer screening, you fuck with all of us.

And you’ve made a huge mistake.

Long but a must read.

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I’m Entitled: Abortion


I’m entitled to believe that abortion should be ILLEGAL! 

And I am entitled to tell you that that is bullshit.

Why? I believe that to have an abortion is to murder a child.

It’s not a child until it’s born, though. Science, my dear.

Just because it is not fully developed, it doesn’t mean that it is not a person.

Personhood is granted at birth. Thus it is not a person.

The bible says that we should not murder. It is a sin.

Well not everyone shares your faith. So arguing with the bible is null and void.

Society punishes those who kill. Having an abortion is the same as killing so should we punish those who murder the fetus?

Society doesn’t punish you if you remove someone from your body who is infringing on your Human Rights, though. It shouldn’t, at least. Abortion is the removal of the fetus from the insides of an uterus, given that there are either health complications or that it is there without the consent of the person carrying it.

Some may think not because it is not fully grown but if you think about it, fetus’ are like tadpoles that grow into frogs. Just because it’s not a frog right away doesn’t mean that it should be killed. People have excuses because they don’t want to take responsibility for what they have done. Why not use protection or just not have sex? Is that so hard to do? If you can’t hold off the temptation, handle your sexual pleasures by yourself! Get protected but don’t punish the child because you f***ed up! Maybe if you wouldn’t of spread your limbs and let the guy in your magic box, then maybe the rabbit wouldn’t need to come out of the hat.

Way to be a slut-shaming asshole. Not everyone wants kids, ever. Do you expect married couples who don’t want any(more) kids to NEVER have sex again? If not, why expect it from non-married people? or young people?

Consent to PIV sex is NOT consent to pregnancy. Sex is a highly social act.

Just saying. Now, I understand that there are certain circumstances like women/girls who get raped. This situation is a tough one. I admit that I don’t exactly know where I stand on abortion for this.

Fun fact: if you allow abortion in cases of rape it just stresses even more that you are a slut-shaming douchebag.

All I know is that whoever rapes is far worse than a deusche bag punk and that they should be kicked in the balls repeatedly. Some may say rapists should be sentenced to life in prison or even get killed. I think they should be behind bars and left for God to deal with.

Totally gonna work, letting God deal with them. Instead of figuring out an actual punishment.

I have no right to decide how a person like that should be punished and I won’t even begin to think about it either. God gets that hand and that’s that. For the victims of rape, I’d say to do what you feel is right.

So for a rape victim it is okay to do what they feel is right, but not for someone who had recreational sex…. HMMM….. what does this tell me… oh yes. Fuck you, slut-shaming asshole.

I’ve never been in that position. I imagine it to be rather difficult. If I were in that position, I think I’d still have the kid because I wouldn’t want to kill the innocent child.

The important thing about this statement being the CHOICE. if you CHOSE to do that it is okay.

They would, unfortunately, have to live with the unbearable truth but I refuse to kill a human because it is not in God’s will for man to do so.

That’s why God kills so little people in the bible… and has people kill people in the bible….

I don’t know where God stands on situations as such so I dare not take my chance with that one. Other things I consider about abortion is the psychological and physical damage it does to women.

Scientists (ACTUAL scientists) have not found any link between abortions and mental illness. Abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures you can get, and it is safer than childbirth.

Abortion leads to more miscarriages and also leads to women wanting to commit suicide.


Abortion also leads to less adoptions for those who can’t even have kids. I think I’d rather give my kid to someone who actually wants to care for it instead of just killing it.



It’s got to get love one way or another because it is still a child. Also, after so many weeks/months of the baby being in the mother’s womb, it begins to feel. If you kill the baby, it will feel the worst pain it has ever felt.

The connections in the fetuses brain necessary to feel pain only develop at 24 weeks, IF NOT LATER. Almost all abortions take place WAY BEFORE THAT. And abortions that late aren’t elective, but for health reasons. fuck you, get your science straight.

You wouldn’t hurt a fully grown baby so why hurt this predeveloped one? There are so many reasons that people give for wanting an abortion. Just because they can give you a sad sob story or be heartless and kill the innocent unborn baby, it doesn’t make it right.

Every reason for wanting an abortion is reasonable. Abortion is not heartless. Abortion is, when CHOSEN, a responsible thing to do.

Again, this is just my opinion. No need to be offended. There’s none taken here on my part so yeah, MAN/WOMAN UP! You don’t need to get your panties in a bunch because I’M ENTITLED TO MY OWN OPINION!

You are entitled to your own opinion, yes. But by posting this thing PUBLICLY you also put it up for DEBATE. And that means I can raise my eyebrows, pull up the corners of my mouth and tell you a great big happy


For being an anti-choice asshole.

The OP is such an idiot lmao.

Dearest OP,

You are of course entitled to your own opinion. There is no law against being an ignorant fool. There’s no law against being a misogynistic tool. There’s no law against ignoring facts and other people’s feelings and situations for the sake of your entitlement.

Of course that also means we’re entitled to tell you how stupid you are, how much of an idiot you are, Ignorant fool and Misogynistic tool. I’m also entitled to just laugh at you. Trust me, I’m laughing my fucken ass off at your sheer ignorance.


Jon :)

Come on, fuerdiefreiheit, Let’s leave this dummy alone.

Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

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